Worbla's Crystal Art - 100g

Worbla's Crystal Art - 100g

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Worbla’s® Crystal Art (WCA) – the transparent thermoplastic pearls for filigree casting and emblazed treasures from Cast4Art!

Like all the products of the Worbla’s® Art Series it is declared to be non-toxic and solvent-free. Worbla’s® Crystal Art is not as hard as regular plastics are. It stays a little softer and flexible.

The material is activated by heat (best approx. 110°C / 230°F) using a heat gun, hardens after about 10 minutes while staying transparent and can be reactivated at any time! Because of the working heat it is strongly advised wearing working gloves with rubberized fingers while working with it!

This product is very easy to handle: Put some of the WCA pearls into a bin (e.g. baking paper or a silicone mould) and use a heat gun for activation. After the pearls became sticky and soft you can use e.g. silicone moulds and others or modelling tools for creating all different kind of fantastic things (remember: heat protection!)

It contains glue and sticks very well to itself and to other products of the Worbla’s® Art Series.

Acrylic, spray-paint, mirror colours or iDyePoly (Jacquard Products) can be used for colouring the WCA’s surface. Glitter or water-based body paint can be kneaded with the material while it is activated.

Using iDyePoly you can even dye the pearls themselves: Put the WCA into a metal wire (no plastic!) and dip them into the hot water containing the dye - after some minutes you can reactivate and use the dyed pearls without any mess because the dye stays inside the material even while activated.

This means using the Worbla’s® Crystal Art you can fabricate extremely filigree surfaces which are flexible but inherently stable and might be wonderfully emblazed.

Tips: Heating its surface with a “Brûlée“torch or a flare match for a second makes dull spots shiny again – surely clear lacquer works as well!

Do not knead the Worbla’s® Crystal Art too much, this produces air bubbles. To get mostly rid of them again, place the activated material between baking paper and use a rolling pin.

Before using the Worbla’s® Crystal Art for the first time it‘s strongly advised to watch the official how to use video (with English subtitles)!

Convincing characteristics

  • Non-toxic, solvent-free and contains no hazardous substances
  • Product stays transparent and “rubber-like” after hardening
  • Works perfectly with moulds (e.g. silicone and duroplastic plastics) and can be modelled free-handed
  • Simple, safe (remember: heat protection!) and clean handling, also for beginners
  • Can be reactivated with heat any time (best approx. 110°C / 230°F)
  • Can be dyed directly or coloured afterwards
  • Processing time up to several minutes, depending on the time of exposure of the heat
  • Contains a heat-activated glue
  • Leftovers can be re-used and under normal conditions it can be stored for years

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