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Clarent - Fate / Apocrypha

Box contains: 3D printed sword kit to be assembled, instruction booklet.
Prop measurements when assembled: L: 110cm
Required to complete this project: metal threaded rod/s, glue/epoxy, sandpaper.

PLEASE NOTE: this item is being printed to order, production time is 5 working days. It will be shipped separately from any other items You might have ordered from our shop with it.

Our range of 3D Printed Prop Kits allows you to make your own props at home without any special tools. No need to cut wood, cast in resin or work with fiberglass! It's as simple as puzzle your sword together, glue it, sand it, paint and enjoy!

Whether you are a novice in cosplay, do not own any crafting tools or you are running out of time to finish your own prop from scratch - this kit is an amazing alternative that can save you tears and sweat and... you can still make this prop your own by adding personal touches when sanding and painting.

3D Kits create and amazing opportunity for parents to work together with kids - share the passion for crafting and learn more about your child's beloved character!

PLEASE NOTE: Our props are not toys! While these can be put together by older kids, some parts can come out from the printing process with sharp edges so we advise parents supervision and care at all times! Finished props are sturdy and can cause harm and injury if used for fighting! All props are intended for cosplay, photo shoots or display purposes only.

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